Road Travelled

The Future:

Volunteer in the south of Cambodia for a while and then head to Melbourne, Australia to work and travel!


Hi I love travelling. I’m writing this blog to share my stories and opinions on where I go. This page is to give a reference of where and when I travelled to a city. The blog is not up to date with my travels so you check out where I am in the world right here.

I am a Nurse in Canada with four years working experience.

Work hard – Play hard

Where and When?

Toronto, Canada -> Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal -> Lukla, Nepal

Lukla, Nepal -> Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal -> Pokara, Nepal

Pokhara, Nepal -> Mahjikuna (Begnas Lake), Nepal

Mahjikuna (Begnas Lake), Nepal -> Kathmandu, Nepal


Long Story Short:

North America

Growing up in rural Ottawa in a town of a few hundred people named Kenmore I did not travel outside of the country. With the great outdoors, mountains, lakes and good friends there wasn’t a need to travel. A few times I went to upper New York State in the USA travelling for sports. I have always had a passion for adventuring and was able to find many outlets for it growing up in a rural place. I cannot say enough about where I am from, it was a phenomenal upbringing.

Central America

In 2008 I visited Cancun, Mexico. This was a spring-break trip that pretty much spoke for itself. Beach, Drink, Party, Drink, Party, Party, sleep and repeat. Not much time off the resort other than the nightclubs; I didn’t meet many local people but went with many friends.


I booked my ticket two days prior to leaving for Europe. I was making plans on the flight over, so much to see and do. It was my first real backpacking adventure and I made my way through a lot of Europe in 26 days.

A friend of mine had some plans changed so I was travelling solo. I went Nice, Monacco, Rome, Milan, Zurich, Munich, Berlin, Amersterdam, Brussels, London and Paris.


In 2013 I took a flight around the world to Beijing, China. I spent almost 7 weeks travelling through China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. From celebrating Chinese New Year in Shanghai to hanging out in Pai, Thailand I absoloutely loved my time in Asia.

South America

In 2015 I was granted a 2 month leave from my nursing position. This was an amazing trip I flew into Medellin, Colombia went up and travelled along the northern coast, back down through Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.