About the Backpacking Nurse

Machu Picchu
Finding the best lookout spots at Machu Picchu. (Peru, 2014)

Hi my name is Pat and I love travelling. I’ve worked as a Registered Nurse in Canada for the past four years. With this profession I have been able to finance my leisure and adventure travels. I have had a passion for travelling since first backpacking Europe in 2012.

Travelling and backpacking for me is about getting to understand the people, cultural practices and ways of life. Always seeking adventure and relaxation while delving into the great beyond.

Pat’s Points of Travel

  • Time is not money. Time is your life, enjoy it and don’t take it for granted.
  • Talk with local people, ask questions and learn some simple phrases.
  • Laugh and smile often, only one part of communication is verbal.
  • Understanding one person can help understand a million others.
  • The longer you stay in one place the cheaper it gets.
  • Ask around and know the price before you buy something.
  • Take metered taxis when possible.
  • Be confident and calm, not arrogant and angry.
  • Care for the people around you and they will care for you.

As many people I prefer backpacking in countries that are developing as they are most often least touched by the west and have culture that is vastly different. It helps that the Canadian dollar stretches much farther. For example right now I I am in Pokhara, Nepal. I have walked down the street and have been approached by many local people asking me to stay at their hotel. The cost is around 400 rupees, so about $5. For this it seems easy to find unlimited wifi, queen sized bed, single attached washroom. In any developed country this would be costing me 10 to 20 times the price. I don’t claim to be the most travelled person in the world; I just want to share some unique travel stories with those interested in having a good laugh or cry (depending on the day).

Daily sunset handstands Montañita. (Ecuador, 2014).
Daily sunset handstands Montañita. (Ecuador, 2014)

Most of the people backpacking are quite like-minded people so things have almost always gone smoothly for me. It is hard to believe how someone who has lived their whole life on the other side of the world can have so much in common with me. Local people are often happy to have backpackers as many economies and jobs are dependent on tourism.

Where have I been:

This is the shortened version as I don’t have time to write out specifics today. To summarize:

Growing up in rural Ottawa in a town of a few hundred people named Kenmore I did not travel outside of the country much. A few times I went to upper New York State in the USA travelling for sports. I have always had a passion for adventuring and was able to find many outlets for it growing up in a rural place. I cannot say enough about where I am from, it was a phenomenal upbringing.

Got into Paris late; still had to check out the Eiffel Tower. (France, 2012)

In 2008 I visited Cancun, Mexico. This was a spring-break trip that pretty much spoke for itself. Beach, Drink, Party, Drink, Party, Party, sleep and repeat. Not much time off the resort other than the nightclubs; I didn’t meet many local people but went with many friends.


After graduating through the BScN program at Trent University in Peterborough I had an opportunity to go to Europe. I booked my ticket two days prior to leaving and essentially built an itinerary for the trip on the plane. I had anticipated meeting up with a friend in Nice, France to do some travelling but after some changes in his plans I ventured off alone. I went Nice, Monacco, Rome, Milan, Zurich, Munich, Berlin, Amersterdam, Brussels, London and Paris. I will get back to this, I did some couchsurfing and was introduced to life in hostels.

Nothing beats living cheap,

& having large life experiences.

In 2013 I worked for a while as a Registered Nurse and took off again to go travel. This time to China; where I flew into Beijing and met a friend in Shanghai for Chinese New year and took a 33 hour slow train to Nanning. Unjustly cutting

Beauty in the Hoi An sunset. (Vietnam, 2013)
Beauty in the Hoi An sunset. (Vietnam, 2013)

this next part short… I made it Hanoi and met up with my cousin Chris we travelled through what is known as the standard loop of Southeast Asia. Having a blast exploring Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand (many backpackers also go to Laos in the loop as it is just to the north).

In 2015 I was granted a 2 month leave from my nursing position. This was an amazing trip I flew into Medellin, Colombia went up and travelled along the northern coast, back down through Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.



Currently I am back in Asia in Nepal. I had the pleasure of a 33 hour transit to Kathmandu. I spent some time in Kathmandu and hiked to Mount Everest Base Camp and completed the 3 passes. Check out my posts for a good update on this. Currently I am in Pokhara, Nepal for the week and plans are up in the air.

The Future:

The specifics regarding the future of my travels is still to  be determined but I will be heading Indonesia and Malaysia in the near future. Sometime when the money is low I will head back to work but lots of travelling to be done in the meantime.