Curiosities on the Flight

Wandering Man’s Ideas

I’m well on my way now flying to Amsterdam. When this is posted I will be in Kathmandu, Nepal (after travelling also through the New Delhi, India airport where my flight was delayed an additional 3 hours). This flight is definitely destined for India as per the passenger population, Hindi music blasting as soon as I got on the plane and instructions coming in Hindi before English. Of course this is totally okay with me, this plane is destined for India before I board another to Nepal. I just found it interesting to note because my plane departed from Toronto, Canada.

I’ve flown many times in the past, we’ve hit quite a bit of turbulence tonight but planes don’t particularly bother me. The planes to Amsterdamn and to New Dehli had a ton of available seats. Over 100 empty seats per plane. Seven people that I could see from my seat were laid across four seats each, I was in a window seat with no one in the seat to my left. I laid across four seats and slept for seven of the eight hours as I flew into India. I was flying with JET airlines, initially I had given the airline nothing but 5/5 stars, the flight attendant gave me 3 beers when offering beverages, before you wonder– the flight attendant was male so no advances were made in obtaining a few extra beers. After going though the whole flight I have to change my review to 3.5/5 stars as the chicken dinners were not quite edible. I am now eating vegetarian, I think this move will help save my stomach as I travel through Asia. 

My excitement is far greater than my exhaustion. As I sit on the flight looking out into the pitch black sky I have just been pondering about big life questions. Queries and ideas that get under my skin, I find comfort in writing things down. It wasn’t my intention to share these but they offer some good insight into me so…

Fuck it, here are some of my rhetorical and not so rhetorical questions:

What do I want?

What defines happiness?

Am I searching for something?

Is change inevitable?

What inspires me?

Who inspires me?

How do I find resolve in my decisions?

How do I define resolve?

Does life have to be about philosophy or religion?

The greatest things in life are shared moments with loved ones.

Confidence often speaks louder than words.

Fear often speaks louder than words.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Where do I look for answers if I don’t know what I’m searching for?

Keep looking and the answer may present itself without a question.

What makes me uncomfortable?

– Feeling alone

– Knowing that someone is blatantly lying to me

What makes me feel better?

– Ambition

– Laughter

– Sleep and good food

– Reassurance

Am I afraid to die?

No, but I’d really prefer it to happen when I’m 70 or 80.

Health can be predictable but is so often unpredictable. No one plans to die with two children under ten years old, a child should not have to suffer, a person with abdominal pains cannot anticipate a terminal cancer diagnoses. Working in the Emergency Department I’ve seen a multitude of medical problems and diagnoses change a persons life in a matter of minutes and hours. No one wants to leave a life when there is so much fruition to be had. Nursing has given me a unique perspective on life, I try to live each day to the fullest and always recommend others to do the same.

The old adage ‘life happens man’…

True, but it’s up to you to live it, take responsibility and dictate the decisions you make. Have some resolve and go after what you want/ keep going after it. Develop some short-term and long-term goals. Do what you want but live without regrets. Don’t be static, change is good for the mind and soul. I hope in twenty-five years from now (I’m alive) and I can look back and be proud of the path that I’ve taken in personal, Nursing and travel decisions I have made.

I did just quit my full-time job and hopped on a one-way flight to the other side of the world with minimal plans. It’s probably best to take my advice with a grain of salt.

After a punishing total of 32+ hours in transit and passing through many time zones. I am on my second night in Kathmandu, Nepal and adjusting well. It is a magical and beautiful city with much to offer. I will post about it soon. I am likely headed for the Mount Everest Base Camp starting on Monday, it is a 13 day trek so I will try to post about Kathmandu before I depart. Destruction from the earthquake last year still lingers in here, I’ve only been here a few days but am having a good experience.  The people are so kind it has been a great place to start my adventure.

First sight of the Himalayas from the plane, Nepal.
First sight of the Himalayas from the plane (Nepal, 2016).
Local temple a few minutes walk from the hostel (Nepal, 2016).